Monday, July 14, 3017


The Lunarian Shuffle is a game randomizer that will take in a FF2US v1.1 ROM and turn it into a brand new strategic challenge!

The following aspects of the game are randomized, within reason:
  • Which character corresponds to whom.
  • Which items are sold in which shops.
  • Which items are found in which chests.
  • Which level each character learns each spell.
  • Which equipment each character is wearing when they join the party.
Also, the extra combat commands and the extra combat consumable items found in the "Hard Type" version of the game have been restored.

The goals are not randomized - enemies, bosses, and dungeon layouts are the same as in the original.  Your task with each playthrough is to plan ahead regarding what equipment to hunt down and how many levels to earn for which characters in order to survive the upcoming challenges with the parties that will be present for each fight.

More detailed information is on the left panel of the program itself.

Get The Lunarian Shuffle here!

Making a good randomizer is a lot of work!  If you would like to thank me for this project, and especially if you would like to see me create similar projects in the future, please donate (and leave a message, if you like!) here:

To follow me on my future projects and speed runs, visit my Twitch channel:

- Crow!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Version 1.09 released!

Version 1.09 is complete!  Now your Porom can wield the Excalibur staff to her heart's content.
Download it here:

Check the previous post for more details on the new features.  Have fun!

- Crow!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Version 1.09 features

The Lunarian Shuffle version 1.09 is coming soon!  There isn't as large a set of changes here as version 1.08, but that says much more about v1.08 than it does about this update here.

The biggest change is that the Legend weapon, formerly always a sword for Paladin Cecil, is now exclusive equipment for whoever it is awarded to.  So, if the main character becomes Porom when she receives KluYa's blessing, the weapon will become the Legend Staff, with the same stats and properties as the Legend Sword, but only Porom (and not Rosa or Cecil) can equip it.  This change propagates to the Excalbur, should you obtain it.  Also, the randomizer logic now demands that one, and only one, Rat Tail will get placed somewhere in the world, rather than just usually happening to produce one.

In other news, sleeping in the Inn will now be less time consuming if you are using the shortened cutscenes option.  The poor receptionist desk guy will see you collapse as soon as you pay your money, rather than traveling to the beds.

There are a number of other bug fixes, too - for example, it turns out that v1.08 really doesn't like it if you try to make multiple seeds that use the Randomized Names option with the same instance of the program, and no longer will a seed with Golbez not in your party necessarily have Golbez as the villain.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Version 1.08 is live! Also, we have a Discord server!

The Lunarian Shuffle is now officially at version 1.08.  The inclusion of Golbez, the matching of musical themes to the characters' new positions, random character renaming, and many more features give this release the longest changelog of any release yet.  As always, grab the new version here:

For a complete list of what has changed, look in the "Documentation" folder, which is a thing that exists now.

In other news, we now have a Discord server to act as our official chat room and meeting place.  Expect either tournaments or a league for regularly scheduled races to come in the near future.  Until then, come in, ask any questions you may have, or share your fun and funny moments with The Lunarian Shuffle!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Version 1.08 Open beta

The Lunarian Shuffle Version 1.08 is, maybe, complete!  In addition to the changes advertised before (including playable Golbez!), it also has an option to change characters' musical cues to match the characters they have been replaced by.

A lot of the changes made have a rather high chance of breaking things.  I believe I've caught the big ones, but it's hard to be sure.  I need players to test The Lunarian Shuffle both with and without the new options active, and most importantly, to let me know what things are broken or just don't seem right.

The beta can be found here:

Monday, November 27, 2017

Currrent intended Lunarian Shuffle v1.08 feature list

Here are the things I'm currently planning to add to The Lunarian Shuffle's next major release:
  • Golbez as a playable character
    • Dark Knight / Black Mage hybrid; low damage, high durability.
    • The villain will be randomly replaced with one of the player characters.
    • Need to figure out how to handle black magic; I'm out of spell learning list slots.
  • Bugfix to the Dark Wave attack so it works properly at higher levels.
    • At present, the random portion of its damage is limited to a 1-byte variable, shorting the player up to 60% of the intended damage.
  • The Paladin Cecil replacement joins at level 5, not 1, if Normal mode is active.
  • Duplicate characters beyond the first will be renamed.
    • Not sure whether to use combined names (like FuRoSa) or references to other similar characters (like Celes).
  • Inclusion of the Assassin Dagger as an obtainable weapon.
    • This weapon gives physical stats at the expense of magic, and can inflict instant death.
    • It is in the game code, but is not normally obtainable, just like the Hand Axe.
I'm also looking at the summoned monster sidequests as perhaps needing tuned up, but I'm not sure what can be both clearly communicated to the player and thematically appropriate.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Version 1.07 complete!

My test run yesterday found only one glitch, which was easy to fix.  With that bug squished, version 1.07 is live!  As always for a major release, check occasionally for minor updates should I discover something is broken.

In addition to the big changes mentioned in my previous post, this version also slightly widens the level range for random spell learning levels from +/-5 to +/-6, and there is a publicly posted version of the character tracker that allows duplicate characters.

My decision regarding Tellah's early game black magic randomization was to randomly select one of the three level 2 elemental spells to include in the list.  This keeps the odds of having one low rather than nearly guaranteed.  Hard Mode removes this possibility.

Get all these new features at the usual location: